Herbal Ball
Back and Shoulder Massage
Pre / Post-Natal Massage
Essential Oils

Signature Balinese Massage

This holistic full body massage originates from the island of Bali where it is done to relieve muscular strains, headaches and frayed nerves using essential oils for a firm to deep and soothing massage. Highly recommended after a relaxing body scrub.

Acupressure Massage

This firm and deep pressure massage sets out to release built up tension trapped in our muscles to work deep into muscle fibres and is ideal for guest with muscle tension and stress.

Herbal Compress Massage

Herbal Ball massage
This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent and massage helps to reduce muscular tension, increases blood circulation and ease a restless mind. When the compress is steamed and applied to the skin with a specific massage technique, the essential oils from the herbs and spices wrapped in warm cotton compress are transferred to the body.

Aroma Massage,

Aromatherapy massage with essential oil. A selection of essential oils will be selected to relieve stress and muscle aches to improve circulation while the aromatic effect from the oils will gently balance your mind and soothes your back, neck and shoulders.

Swedish Massage

A Western-concept massage using base oil
Concentrate on the back, this gentle massage removes tight knots of tension and brings relief from stress using slow, firm and relaxing strokes and is ideal for first-time spa guest.

Back & Shoulder Massage

Relieve pain on your trapezius muscle and de-stress
This therapeutic back massage offers maximum relief in minimal time to soothes the region of the neck, shoulders and upper back using deep and firm strokes.

Pre / Post-Natal Massage

Our pre-natal massage and post-natal massage use a special blend of oil and massage techniques to help a mother-to-be relax, calm her nerves using light and soothing strokes. Highly recommended only after first trimester.